Special acts - escapes

Christian Is one of the top performers In the world In this category of entertainment. All the escapes Christian perform are real and not and not illusions.

Escapes can be booked for corporate events, festivals, TV shows, promo stunts, etc.


Cube Escape

The Cube escape Is Christian's signature escape. With his head submerged In water while he Is holding his breath for over 4 minutes, escaping handcuffs, chains and padlocks.


Milk Can Escape

The Milk Can Escape was invented by Houdini and done behind a cover. Christian's version of the Milk Can Escape Is the most extreme ever perfomed, and It's done without a cover.



In Got Talent Espana Christian held his breath for over 8 minutes during this act, making it one of the worlds most extreme escape acts ever performed on a stage.